THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Thermor water heaters can be equipped with two types of heating elements depending on the user’s needs and water quality requirements. • Ceramic dry heating element: Outstanding unique Steatite technology, adapted to aggressive, highly mineralised or desalinated water The Steatite heating element is protected by an enamelled steel sleeve, granting a large heat exchange surface, which reduces limescale deposits and heating noise. In addition to being extremely efficient, the ceramic heating element is particularly well-adapted to aggressive, highly mineralised and desalinated water. When replacing, the heater doesn’t need to be drained for maintenance, a real bonus for professionals and home owners. - Low charge per cm 2 on the exchange surface = reduced limescale formation - Large exchange surface = less noise when heating - Heating element has no direct contact with water - Power from 350 W to 3000 W • Direct immersion heating element: An approved solution The sheathed heating element is made from copper or stainless steel. It offers high-level performance thanks to its balanced charge, providing extra longevity. Power from 350 W to 3000 W. HEATING ELEMENT TYPES Thermor offers 2 types of controls from classic and reliable ones to digital and highly accurate ones, to provide temperature control accuracy and energy savings. • Electronic thermostat + digital control panel - Sensors driven by PCB multiple diagnostic & functional options - The most accurate control for energy savings - Modern and easy-to-use solution • Mechanical thermostat (bulb or rod thermostat) - Manual temperature control through frontal knob/bottom knob/internal controls - Reliable solution: Safety through independent security device (bulb thermostat) CONTROLS ACCURACY Thermor technologies: Optimising robustness and energy savings for the user’s comfort 70