THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Thermor uses the highest level of protection against corrosion to maximise the tank’s lifetime. Its exclusive technologies ensure protection of both the tank and the heating element, guaranteeing a durable and low running costs. • Patented ACI hybrid system: State-of-the-art cathodic protection with titanium anode The Anti-Corrosive Integrated system (ACI hybrid) provides maximum protection to the tank. The titanium anode, located at the center of the appliance, is driven by an electronic PCB board that produces a milivoltage electric current sent to the water providing the tank with a lifetime protection. A control light indicates that the ACI hybrid system is operational. • Exclusive O’Pro technology: Passive electronic anti-corrosive system (ohmic resistor) The ohmic resistor is a passive electronic anti-corrosive device. It balances out the electric potential of the tank and immersion heating element. The magnesium anode life is considerably increased and protection against corrosion is reinforced. • Classic magnesium anode The sacrificial magnesium anode is located in the center of the enamelled tank and provides excellent protection against corrosion. ANTI-CORROSIVE PROTECTION Thermor not only ensures efficient anti-corrosive tank protection but also focuses on the quality of the tank itself. Thermor guarantees the highest standards for its enamel, welding and insulation, offering a strong and robust tank along with low levels of heat and energy waste. • Glass-lined tank & welding: The key to long-life and reliability Perfect enamelling & welding are the key to a reliable water heater. Thermor uses metal- free welding only (aeronautical industry know-how) and exclusive diamond-quality enamel with a high percentage of zyrconium oxide. • Reinforced protection against corrosion Unprotected steel parts in contact with water are the weakest parts of all water heaters, most leakages originate from there. Thermor uses a unique lip gasket, granting no contact between the steel tank edge and water. TANK PROTECTION ENERGY SAVINGS • High-density and environmentally friendly insulation The polyurethane foam insulation prevents thermal bridges and helps to maintain water at the set temperature for a longer period of time. Thermor foam contains 0% CFC and its high density reduces heat loss. corrosion flange screw counter-flange standard gasket tank steel flange screw counter-flange tank lip gasket CORROSION EXAMPLE THERMOR SOLUTION 71 DOMESTIC HOT WATER