THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Water heater model: 10-30 No. of simultaneous users: Water heater model: 50 No. of simultaneous users: Water heater model: 150-300 No. of simultaneous users: Water heater model: 80-120 No. of simultaneous users: FOR A CORRECT EVALUATION OF THE REQUIRED MODEL, WE PROPOSE GUIDELINES BASED ON THE DAILY HOT WATER CONSUMPTION, NUMBER OF DRAINAGE POINTS AND NUMBER OF USERS: ESTIMATING HOT WATER REQUIREMENTS • Quick supply of hot water: Right temperature at the right moment thanks to high-precision thermostats • Simplicity of installation and maintenance: - Thanks to the installation template at the back of their packaging, Thermor appliances are easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...). Thermor also provides installation kits to fit all interior configurations - No need to drain the tank to remove the heating element for Steatite equipped water heaters • Maximised lifetime of the device with anti-corrosive protection technology and adaptation to different kinds of water • Energy efficiency thanks to integrated smart functions and CFC-free high-density thermal insulation • User protection as all Thermor appliances comply with the highest European standards (CE marking & IP Index) THERMOR WATER HEATERS MAIN ADVANTAGES IP INDEX: PROTECTION AGAINST WATER SPRAY The water heater’s protection level against splashing water is defined by its IP index. This outlines safe areas for installing electric appliances near water drainage points. Thermor water heaters have a high IP index up to IP 25 and can be installed in areas 1, 2 and/or 3 of the bathroom depending on country regulations. Thermor products IP index guarantees safe operation. Electricity Gas Fuel 100 0 200 300 18 Solar water heater with electric back-up kit 35 Heat pump water heater 231 Gas boiler coupled with solar installation 296 Oil boiler coupled with solar installation Annual CO 2 emissions for a year’s DHW use per household (4 people)*. Annual CO 2 emissions for a year’s DHW use per household (4 people)*. ENERGY-SAVING SOLUTIONS LESS CO 2 WITH THERMOR SOLUTIONS...AND MORE ENERGY SAVINGS Thermor develops environmentally friendly solutions for DHW (Domestic Hot Water). These solutions divide CO 2 emission rate by up to 15 compared to fossil energy solutions. Up to 70% energy savings, while ensuring optimal comfort. * Source: RT 2005 calculations 69 DOMESTIC HOT WATER