THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

1 Tank-in-tank heat exchanger 2 Diamond-quality enamel 3 High-density polyurethane foam 0% CFC 4 Optimised stainless outlet pipe 5 Stainless steel water inlet COMFORT • Tank-in-tank exchanger with low pressure loss, capable of operating with and without a primary pump (forced or thermosiphon operation) • Optional electric kit with heating element QUALITY – DURABILITY • Magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection • Specific lip gasket to avoid corrosion around flange USER-FRIENDLINESS • Multiposition installation: Possibility to install both horizontally and vertically • Optional installation kit and wall-mounting set for both horizontal and vertical installation SAVINGS • Mechanical thermostat with integrated security • High-efficiency water inlet • CFC-free high-density insulation for more energy savings ECO Equipped with an exclusive tank-in-tank solution Multiposition , to match perfectly all installation requirements Suitable for domestic boilers and renewable energy heating systems ANNULAR WATER HEATER Exclusivity of a tank-in-tank exchanger for multiposition indirect water heater 1 2 3 4 5 CHARACTERISTICS 98