THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

1 External thermometer 2 Diamond-quality enamel 3 Optimised stainless steel outlet pipe 4 Magnesium anode 5 Steatite dry heating element 6 Inlet diffuser 7 Enamelled sleeve 8 High-density polyurethane foam 0% CFC 9 Frontal control knob 10 Dielectric union 11 Thermostat COMFORT • Slim design with a reduced diameter to fit in confined spaces • Multiposition installation: Can be installed both vertically or horizontally • Frontal control knob • Flat chromed thermometer QUALITY – DURABILITY • Steatite technology: Ceramic dry heating element adapted to aggressive, highly mineralised or desalinated water • Magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection • Diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank) • Pressure relief valve • Dielectric union • Specific lip gasket to avoid corrosion around flange USER-FRIENDLINESS • IP 24 - full compliance with European standards for electrical safety and user protection • Plug* • Heating light indicator • Easy to maintain: Heating element removable without draining the tank SAVINGS • High-precision bulb thermostat with integrated security • High-efficiency water inlet • CFC-free high-density insulation for more energy savings ECO Slim design with a reduced diameter to fit in confined spaces Multiposition adapting to all interior configurations Robust and easy to maintain: Steatite heating element adapted to all water types and removable without draining the tank Accurate controls ensured by highly sensitive thermostat Adaptability of a slim design & multiposition water heater fitted with aggressive or hard water resistant Steatite technology STEATITE PRO SLIM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 10 CHARACTERISTICS 82