THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

ERP Renewable energy water heaters Ecodesign directive Ecodesign defines the acceptable energy efficiency levels, as well as environmental requirements for energy-related products. Therefore, heating and water heating products must comply with all Ecodesign requirements in order to get the CE mark and be sold within the European Union market. Ecodesign also aims to exclude all low-performance energy-using equipment from the market. Energy labelling directive Energy Labelling provides information about the environmental impact of the product. It creates much more transparency for customers and helps them to make the right choice by taking into consideration specific information about the products (energy consumption, noise level, etc). WHAT IS ERP? TWO REQUIREMENTS FOR ENERGY-RELATED PRODUCTS The acronym ErP stands for Energy- related Products. It is linked to the Ecodesign directive of the European Union concerning this type of equipment. The Ecodesign defines minimum efficiency requirements for energy- related products such as : renewable energy water heaters bathroom radiators water heaters heat pumps electric panel heaters 6