THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Key points about THERMOR BATHROOM HEATING In the last few years, the bathroom area has been experiencing significant changes. From a purely functional room, dedicated to hygiene, it has gradually changed into a genuine living area characterized by the need for well-being, intimacy, comfort, user-friendliness, style and elegance. COMFORT AT ALL TIMES • Fast heating of the bathroom before showering or bathing • Warm towels before use • Dry towels after use • Additional heating boost for devices equipped with turbo fan PERFECT INTEGRATION INTO YOUR HOME • Wide choice of appliances with unique design, various shapes and valuable materials • 9 colours available to perfectly match your tastes and interior design • Large variety of sizes, suitable for even the most confined spaces • Wide output range to fit all types of areas FULL COMPLIANCE WITH DAILY NEEDS AND LIFE RHYTHM • Programmable devices to better manage energy consumption. • Practical accessories to make life easier, such as repositionable towel holders and towel rails. • Quick room heating (about 15 minutes) when equipped with turbo fan • Devices with lateral openings for more convenience EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE • Installation template at the back of the packaging • Easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools • Once installed, they are almost maintenance-free • ASP technology ensures a quick cleaning of the device With Thermor bathroom radiators you can benefit from: Thermor offers bathroom heating solutions, depending on user’s interior specifications and needs: Bathroom radiators can heat towels, dry towels and heat a bathroom at the same time. Additionally, they offer advanced heating functions such as weekly programming, open window detection, heating anticipation, etc. Compact bathroom heaters are designed for confined spaces. 44