THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

ECOBOOST SHEATHED ELEMENT + ALUMINIUM DIFFUSER PROG EASY 2 1 2 3 SAVINGS HD TECHNOLOGY 21 IN ECOBOOST cable exit min 120mm min 189mm min 120mm 92 mm INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS (in mm) HD HEATING PANEL 1000 TO 2000 W For more information see p. 10 and p. 16-17 Ecoboost DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL *Compared with a mechanical convector 1 Room & set temperature and active mode display (modes: Manual/Prog/Auto) 2 Navigation buttons 3 Access to menu/validation You enter the room during a programmed absence period The appliance detects you and automatically switches on Comfort temperature setting The appliance goes back to programmed absence temperature You leave the room MANUAL MODE You enter the room A heat boost is generated to provide you with the most comfort possible (max 10 min/+1°C) After a few minutes, the appliance goes back to set temperature PROG MODE AUTO MODE You leave the room The appliance goes back to Comfort temperature After 30 min, room temperature reduces to Eco temperature generating energy savings You enter the room With Easy prog, you can set up to 3 periods of Comfort temperature by day (24 h) on 7 days. The device automatically adapts the heating depending on your absence or presence: TECHNICAL DATA Output (W) Dimensions (mm) Net weight (kg) Width (W) Height (H) Depth (D) A B1 B2 1000 539 461 114 270 256 158 4,8 1500 687 461 114 418 256 158 6,1 2000 835 461 114 566 256 158 7,2 ErP Compliant 29 ACTIVE HEAT CONVECTORS HD HEATING PANEL