THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

ACTIVE HEAT CONVECTORS & HD HEATING PANELS SHEATHED ELEMENT + ALUMINIUM DIFFUSER HD TECHNOLOGY 21 IN CONVECTOR EQUIPMENT For those who want to experience quick room heating, Thermor offers reliable active heat convectors and HD heating panels. They provide the widest range in terms of output (from 500 to 2500 W), types of thermostat (electronic or mechanical), functionalities (presence sensor, Easy Prog), shapes and design. These models are equipped with a sheathed heating element and aluminium diffuser. 2 universal standing kits (2) : • Universal modular feet kit (2 feet) • Universal premium mobility kit (2 feet + 1 handle) Plug (1) PILOT WIRE Pilot wire (1) (1) Depending on models - (2) Optional, to be purchased separately 18