THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

THERMOR TECHNOLOGIES optimising both comfort & ENERGY SAVINGS Thermor uses different types of heating elements to offer its clients the widest range of comfort ever. Thanks to the latest Thermor research, saving money and energy became very easy. Thermor electric heating solutions are among the best-performing worldwide and help to achieve significant savings on electricity bills while guaranteeing unparalleled comfort. A brand new heating panel shape designed to guarantee a quick rise in temperature, homogeneous heat diffusion and safety. HD heating panel is an upscale & modern heating panel based on a premium radiator design. This exclusive Thermor design allows: ANTI-STAINING PROCESS (ASP) Thermor has developed an efficient process against dust build-up: The Anti-Staining Process (ASP). Thanks to air flow optimisation and the low temperature appliance front panel , ASP lets you keep the appliance and wall clean over time (except cigarette smoke or other smoke sources indoor) . 1. HEATING ELEMENTS 3. ENERGY-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES 2. HEATING PANEL TECHNOLOGY HD TECHNOLOGY 21 IN Safety & compliance with standards (preventing any overheating point) Greater heat exchange thanks to larger air outlets Quick rise of room temperature Better comfort with no energy loss thanks to greater homogeneity of the front panel Adapts to unforeseen events with presence and opened window detection, to maintain the user’s comfort Memorises the user’s life rhythm by • Identifying & memorising presence periods • Fine-tuned analysis every week Anticipates heating according to the user’s lifestyle, ensuring that the room is already at the right temperature upon arrival. A simple move and the panel heater takes care of everything With the Smart Pilot function, the appliances automatically adapt to the user’s lifestyle, to easily achieve both optimum comfort and maximum energy savings. HEAT CONDUCTING FLUID These appliances surround you with continuous gentle heat, similar to central heating, due to their capacity to store heat and release it gradually without drying the ambient air . ALUMINIUM HEATING ELEMENT Light, modern and fast reacting, aluminium is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a quick rise in temperature . ENERGY SAVINGS 16