THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Key points about THERMOR APPLIANCES Before moving to an all-electric heating system at home, I could not imagine it would be so practical and efficient. Thanks to smart functions, I can set the heating I want room by room. This provides optimal comfort and major financial savings! Pierre, 48, Bordeaux, France “ ” Panel heater’s protection level against splashing water is determined by its IP index which defines the safe installation areas for electric appliances when close to water draining points. Thermor panel heaters have a high IP index up to IP 24 and can be installed in areas 2 or 3 of your bathroom depending on country regulation. Thermor products IP index guarantees safe operation. User protection and appliance safe operating “Can we turn up the heat?” “My feet are cold! ” “ It is hot in this room, can we open a window?” “I can’t get my radiator to work properly!” YOU WON’T BE COMPLAINING ABOUT UNCOMFORTABLE ROOM TEMPERATURE ANYMORE! Thermor develops the best solutions in terms of temperature control, smart functions and user- friendliness for your comfort. BENEFITING FROM TAILOR-MADE & PRECISELY ADJUSTED TEMPERATURE Users can set different room temperatures individually to match their precise needs of comfort. Additionally, Thermor room heating appliances are often equipped with smart functions, detecting human presence which leads to energy and money savings. EXPERIENCING EASY INSTALLATION & USE Thermor appliances are easy to install and to use. Most models can be installed either on the wall or on wheels. When selecting the standing kit and plug model, no installation is required. Just clip the appliance on its wheels, move it from one location to another, and plug it into any power outlet! Choosing the standard model with a H-shaped vertical support, which can also be used as an installation template, makes it easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...). 14