THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

Simplicity and comfort with the new reversible heat pump for swimming pools AEROMAX SWIMMING POOL 2 1 Fan 2 Evaporator 3 Expansion valve 4 Compressor 5 Regulator COMFORT • Heat pump operating temperature range from +8°C to +40°C • Household-friendly noise level • 3 operating modes: Auto, Heating mode and Cooling mode • Stable and comfortable temperature thanks to Auto mode with integrated control (cooling & heating) • Suitable for swimming pools with basin volume of up to 90 m 3 * QUALITY – DURABILITY • Prevention of algae proliferation • Preservation of the swimming pool liner • Titanium exchanger for improved durability and longer product life USER-FRIENDLINESS • Digital remote control with 10 meter cable and user-friendly display • Auto-defrost by reversal cycle SAVINGS • COP up to 4.3 • Easy & precise temperature adjustments ECO Environmentally-friendly solution using ambient air energy to heat or cool water in the swimming pool Significant energy savings with COP of up to 4.3 at 15°C Precise & easy mode settings and temperature adjustments with digital remote control Household-friendly noise level Ecologically-friendly refrigerant R32 1 2 3 4 5 CHARACTERISTICS 108