THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

COMFORT • Possibility to produce hot water with four different types of energy: heat pump, electric back-up, boiler and solar (thermal and photovoltaic) • Wide heat pump temperature range of use (-5 to +43°C) • Household-friendly noise level (53 dB(a)) • Comfort thanks to electric back-up • Re-circulation connection to provide comfort on all points-of-use (versions with coil only) • Possibility to tilt down on one side for easy transport • Rated water pressure of 8 bars QUALITY – DURABILITY • ACI hybrid anti-corrosive protection • Steatite technology (ceramic dry heating element) • Anti-legionella cycle (T water up to 70°C) • Diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank) • Pressure relief valve • Dielectric union • Specific lip gasket to prevent rust around flange USER-FRIENDLINESS • Easy to install with adjustable & ducted air inlet/outlet and adjustable feet • Digital control panel with built-in day-to-day programming, different modes selection, display showing energy consumption • Compatible with Cozytouch, allowing remote piloting through a smartphone or a tablet • Easy to set up and to use SAVINGS • High efficiency thanks to a COP > 3** • Photovoltaic mode automatically chooses solar energy to produce a stock of hot water maximising self-consumption (Set T water lower during the night) • Large optimised coil for fast heating adapted for low-temperature devices (versions with coil only) • More environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant (compared with R134A refrigerant) • CFC-free high-density insulation for increased energy savings • High-efficiency water inlet ECO Guaranteed energy savings* Wide heat pump operating temperature range of use (-5 to +43°C) Anti-corrosion ACI hybrid technology Remote piloting with Cozytouch control (Cozytouch bridge is required) Smart functions including energy consumption control Compatible with solar (photovoltaic panel or solar collector) and boiler systems (built-in coil) Universality of a state-of-the-art solution with or without coil AEROMAX PREMIUM CHARACTERISTICS 1 Evaporator 2 High-e ciency heat pump with wide temperature range 3 Intuitive control panel 4 Diamond-quality enamel 5 Enamelled sleeve and Steatite heating element 6 Coil (1.2 m 2 ): • Solar mode • Boiler mode 7 Adjustable air inlet/outlet (360°) 8 ACI hybrid anti-corrosive protection 9 Adjustable feet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 106