THERMOR General-catalogue 2021-2022

In order to meet all our customer’s requirements in terms of connectivity, the Cozytouch application is connected to 2 types of protocols, depending on products: CONNECTIVITY AND REMOTE PILOTING Connecting your user’s home to intelligent & remote piloting IO-HOMECONTROL IO-Homecontrol is home automation controlling heating, water heating or ventilation remotely through a smartphone or a tablet via the Cozytouch application. It allows the devices to communicate with each other using IO-Homecontrol protocol. IO-Homecontrol needs to be connected to Cozytouch bridge (purchased separately). Please check Cozytouch application availability in your country. IO-Homecontrol ® WI-FI CONNECTIVITY (IP) Wi-Fi connectivity is Thermor latest innovation allowing to easily connect water heaters and room heaters directly to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is an internal protocol (IP) allowing a direct connection to your internet box (no Cozytouch bridge is required). Once connected, the device can be controlled remotely via the Cozytouch application. C O N N E C T I V I T Y As a renowned expert in thermal confort, Thermor puts a considerable effort into innovative solutions development. That’s why connectivity is at the center of our vision for years to come. Thermor has developped the Cozytouch application allowing to connect and control your appliances remotely via a smartphone or a tablet. AVAILABLE ON 10